Curvy Girl, Straight World

Follow the rules as you make them


Let’s see…How would I describe myself? I am a 30 something woman, with a husband, daughter and dog Gizmo. I am a Capricorn, but on the Sagittarius cusp, so if you believe in that sorta thing – you know I am a little but conservative and a little bit crazy. I am a busy business woman, and play a key role at a major non-profit as well as own a boutique book publishing company with my husband.

The better question is how would others describe me? Others would say that I am goofy, creative, intense at times – reserved others, but most of all, determined to march to the beat of my own drum – thus the name of my blog: Curvy Girl, Straight World.

I truly enjoy a variety of random projects, whether it is experimenting with my hair, customizing shoes, cooking, or any other type of DIY project for my family. I’d consider myself an everyday girl with a bit of spunk…and because so many folks are intrigued by my random thoughts and projects (I am flattered), I thought I would share them with the world. I don’t consider myself a “guru” or expert in any particular thing, so if you are hard core or want someone to follow the “rules” with projects…you have not come to the right place.

That said, welcome to my “online home”…take a look around and check back often. I welcome positive feedback and I am not afraid to laugh at myself and post my “epic fails” as well. If you have an awesome project or tips you’d like to share…feel free to email me, and if i try it I will feature it on my blog. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!
Vernicia R.

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