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Custom Canvas Shoes


I was really bored one evening (as if I don’t have a million things to do), and decided to randomly have a little “creative therapy”. Basically, this is when I take on a random project that is both simple and gratifying. I wasn’t sure how things would turn out – but I ended up with a pretty cool project and a fun idea for both myself and my family to enjoy. Check out the shoes I made for myself, my mom and my husband.
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Supplies Needed:

1. Basic white porous canvas shoes (I used payless shoes but you can use Keds or more expensive brands). Walmart also sells these shoes.
2. Black Sharpies or fabric markers (find them at Michaels).
3. Fabric paint (I use the Martha Stewart brand at Michaels).
4. A Pencil to outline the pattern.
5. A paper plate (or small paint tray to hold your paint).
6. A few shoe forms to keep shoes firmly in place.

Steps to create your custom shoes:

Step 1: Draw your pattern directly on your shoes with your pencil. You don’t have to be a super artist, and this is a fun and inexpensive project for kids as well.
Step 2: Pick your favorite colors and squeeze about a quarter sized amount of each color of paint on your tray or paper plate.
Step 3: Paint your first shoe with a variety of colors, and stay within the lines/patterns that you have drawn.
Step 4: Let your first shoe dry, and paint the second shoe with the desired colors.
Step 5: Go back to the first shoe, and outline all of your lines with your sharpier/fabric marker and then follow the same step for the second shoe when it dries. Make sure both shoes are dry before you do your outline!
Step 6: Let your new shoes dry and ROCK THEM WITH PRIDE! Enjoy!

Other Tips:
• If you need arch support, you might want to buy inserts
• Be careful with the sharpies or markers you use, they will bleed if you press and hold on the shoe for too long.
• Practice drawing designs on notebook paper if you are too nervous to start directly on your shoes.
• Feel free to bedazzle your shoes with jewels or bling them out til your heart’s desire. Just be sure to have fun.
• Have fun with different themes! My mom’s shoes were colorful like her personality and my husband’s shoes incorporated his zodiac sign and other personality traits.
• Make shoes for others! I made a cute pair of these for my mom and she gets tons of compliments and orders. You never know how much people like unique conversation pieces for their feet!

What do you think?! Have you tried this or a similar project? Please leave feedback. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Custom Canvas Shoes

  1. I love your Just Do It attitude.

  2. What creativity! Love this for a summer project for my nieces.

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