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Crochet Braids? Get this look in less than 2 hours and for $20…

Depending on where you are from (and how old you are) you are probably familiar with crochet braids. So about 20 years ago (I am dating myself), people used to rock crochet braids and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. They look something like this next photo. Check out the clearly of crochet hair at the roots, the freakishly even/shiny braids and the blunt ends that magically didn’t need to be tied or burnt to stay together.


So fast forward to the new day…I was randomly and somewhat obsessively surfing the net to find out about protective styles, when I stumbled upon CROCHET BRAIDS. Where the heck have I been? Did you know that tons of ladies have been taking the crochet braid short cut and fooling us all? Ok maybe this hasn’t been a mass conspiracy….and maybe I am late. But I swear I was shocked.

ANYWHO! The “modern” crochet braids are a pretty cool spin on the old school and somewhat obvious crochet braids. They are a great protective style for both natural and processed hair.

Here are a few photos of how my crochet hair evolved. All of these styles are within about a week timeframe. Check out how I pulled it off below. Btw- the hubby was super excited about this style and said I look “exotic”…tee hee.

CAM00153  IMG_20140424_124441

And here is how the hair looked before and immediately after I installed it!  Don’t judge me without my makeup!

marley hair    IMG_20140412_185704  IMG_20140412_192744crochet-needle

Supplied Needed:
1. A Crochet needle (find at your local beauty supply)
2. 4-5 Packs of Marley hair
3. Olive oil or pink oil moisturizer
4. Scissors
5. A comb
6. Hair needle and thread if your natural hair is long.
7. Scalp oil

Check out this video that was my inspiration (Shout out to Ms Naturally Mary):

Steps to create this look:

Step 1: Braid your natural hair straight back in corn rolls. Be sure that a couple of parts lay in areas that you might naturally want to part your hair in. Braid the bottom row of your hair all the way across, and pin and sew down your hair so it is flat, much like when sewing in a weave. There are plenty of photos of this on the net.
Step 2: Generously oil your scalp in the parts. Don’t go crazy, but you don’t want your scalp to be dry.
Step 3: Take your marley hair out of the pack and separate pieces based on how they are pre separated. Make sure you detangle and separate each strand, starting at the bottom with your comb and moisturize each piece with your oil moisturizer.
Step 4: Take your crochet needle and follow the basic steps of installing your hair…you don’t have to place each piece super close together, but next to each other should be good.
Step 5: STAY PATIENT! If you are a complete nut and lose patience like me…you might want to calm down so you do not poke your scalp with your crochet needle out of frustration.
Step 6: Once your hair is completely installed, you can either two strand twist/roll or both your hair, according to the hair curl pattern you desire. I tried both two strand twist (the one with the colorful blouse on) and roller set (the one with b&w dress). I like the later better.
Step 7: Once you have prepped your hair, carefully boil some hot water, and use a large much with a handle to dip your hair – see plenty of videos on the net about curling synthetic hair. You might want to get a friend to help you. My husband walked in on this phase and ask what in the WORLD I was doing…lol. My simple reply was, beauty costs!
Step 8: Let your hair completely air dry or assist it with a quick blow-dry before you remove your rollers or twists.
Step 9: All you need to do is pull you hair up into a loose high ponytail at night and sleep with a bonnet on.


Other tips and comments:
• This only took about 2 hours, so it’s super cool in a time crunch.
• Downside: Mine only lasted only about a week, it was super cute but the wrapping method did not work perfectly for me.
• I would probably try this again with straight braiding synthetic hair. The Marley hair was cute but got tangled in the style I wanted to wear it in.
• Be careful while dipping hair in hot water! My curls were so tight I almost steamed my scalp a few times.
• Try to finger comb hair and manipulate it as little as possible. This hair closely resembles type 4B hair, but is a BEAST when it tangles, that’s why I cut and re curled it a few times.

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Vernicia R.


Custom Canvas Shoes

I was really bored one evening (as if I don’t have a million things to do), and decided to randomly have a little “creative therapy”. Basically, this is when I take on a random project that is both simple and gratifying. I wasn’t sure how things would turn out – but I ended up with a pretty cool project and a fun idea for both myself and my family to enjoy. Check out the shoes I made for myself, my mom and my husband.
DSCF6503 DSCF6506DSCF6508DSCF6510DSCF6424DSCF6418DSCF6432DSCF6437DSCF6607DSCF6606

Supplies Needed:

1. Basic white porous canvas shoes (I used payless shoes but you can use Keds or more expensive brands). Walmart also sells these shoes.
2. Black Sharpies or fabric markers (find them at Michaels).
3. Fabric paint (I use the Martha Stewart brand at Michaels).
4. A Pencil to outline the pattern.
5. A paper plate (or small paint tray to hold your paint).
6. A few shoe forms to keep shoes firmly in place.

Steps to create your custom shoes:

Step 1: Draw your pattern directly on your shoes with your pencil. You don’t have to be a super artist, and this is a fun and inexpensive project for kids as well.
Step 2: Pick your favorite colors and squeeze about a quarter sized amount of each color of paint on your tray or paper plate.
Step 3: Paint your first shoe with a variety of colors, and stay within the lines/patterns that you have drawn.
Step 4: Let your first shoe dry, and paint the second shoe with the desired colors.
Step 5: Go back to the first shoe, and outline all of your lines with your sharpier/fabric marker and then follow the same step for the second shoe when it dries. Make sure both shoes are dry before you do your outline!
Step 6: Let your new shoes dry and ROCK THEM WITH PRIDE! Enjoy!

Other Tips:
• If you need arch support, you might want to buy inserts
• Be careful with the sharpies or markers you use, they will bleed if you press and hold on the shoe for too long.
• Practice drawing designs on notebook paper if you are too nervous to start directly on your shoes.
• Feel free to bedazzle your shoes with jewels or bling them out til your heart’s desire. Just be sure to have fun.
• Have fun with different themes! My mom’s shoes were colorful like her personality and my husband’s shoes incorporated his zodiac sign and other personality traits.
• Make shoes for others! I made a cute pair of these for my mom and she gets tons of compliments and orders. You never know how much people like unique conversation pieces for their feet!

What do you think?! Have you tried this or a similar project? Please leave feedback. Thanks!